Where can I download the PT Dock apps?
You can download them on the Apple App Store (PT / Client), Google Play (PT / Client) or directly in your internet browser (PT / Client).
How do I get PT Dock on my Windows device?
Simply access the app in your internet browser (PT / Client) and once loaded select "Add to Homescreen". This will add PT Dock to your phone's apps.
Do I need an internet connection to use PT Dock?
Yes, PT Dock requires an internet connection due to live PT/Client communications and constant cloud backup.
How do I add clients to PT Dock?
On the client screen press "Add Client". You can invite clients to use PT Dock (in which case we will email them inviting them to PT Dock) or you can skip this, tracking their information only on your account. Please note: if you do not invite clients at this stage they cannot be invited later!
How can I use push notifications?
When you load PT Dock you will be asked if you want to allow push notifications - please press yes. Push notifications are only available on apps downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.
How can I cancel my PT Dock account?
Please contact us providing the email address you used to set up your account and we will cancel your account immediately.
How is my card charged?
Your card will be charged via Stripe and appear as "PT DOCK" on your statement.