Our mission

Support fitness professionals

Give the people who have dedicated their lives to making people healthier the tools they need to get the job done

Support fitness enthusiasts

Provide people better access to their gym, personal trainer and the information they need to get healthier

Make the world healthier

Empower people with the tools they need to reverse the global obesity epidemic

PT Dock has launched! Check it out now at www.ptdock.com.

Our products

PT Dock
The ultimate business app for Personal Trainers
White-labelled mobile apps to reduce membership attrition

Our team

Simon Lloyd-Lavery
Certified personal trainer & graphic designer
Norbert Sagnard
Mobile marketing expert & active angel investor
Adrian Campbell
Project management expert with a strong development team
Julie Xu
USA Advisor
Experienced international business consultant

We're looking for Halo investors to help grow our business!
Request our investment deck now, and together we will monetise the fitness sector! 

Our friends and funders

Invest NI
Propel Programme
NISPO funds
Sagnard Associates